Head – NCCR :  Professor P. SELVAM

Core Faculty

Professor P. SELVAM (Department of Chemistry; +91-44-2257-4235; selvam@iitm.ac.in;  Nanostructured Materials and Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy and Environmental Issues)
Professor B. Viswanathan (Emeritus Professor, NCCR;  +91-44-2257-4241; 2257-5245;  Adsorption and Heterogeneous Catalysis)
Professor K.R. Krishnamurty (Chair Professor, NCCR;  +91-44-2257-4237; Petrochemical Technology, Catalyst Development and Related Areas)
Dr. R. Vinu (Department of Chemical Engineering (+91-44-2257-4187;  vinu@iitm.ac.in;  Catalytic Biomass Conversion to Fuels and Chemicals)
Dr. P. Anbarasan (Department of Chemistry;  +91-44-2257-4216;  anbarasansp@iitm.ac.in;  Homogeneous Catalysis – Model Compounds  – Lignin Conversion )

Adjunct Faculty

Department of Biotechnology
Prof. Anju Chadha  (+91-44-2257-4111;  anjuc@iitm.ac.in;  Biocatalysis)
Professor K. Chandraraj  (+91-44-2257-4111;  kcraj@iitm.ac.in;  Biocatalysis)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Professor Preeti Aghalayam (+91-44-2257-4185;   preeti@iitm.ac.in;  Heterogeneous Catalysis)
Dr. Aravind Kumar Chandiran (+91-44-2257-4187;  aravindkumar@iitm.ac; Photocatalysis)
Professor Raghuram Chetty (+91-44-2257-4178;   raghuc@iitm.ac.in;   Electrocatalysis)
Professor Niket Kaisare (+91-44-2257-4178;   nkaisare@iitm.ac.in;   Heterogeneous Catalysis)
Professor Kannan (+91-44-2257-4170;   kannan@iitm.ac.in;   Adsorption and Catalysis)
Dr. Jithin John Varghese (+91-44-2257-4182;  jithinjv[AT]iitm.ac.in;  Computational Catalysis)
Department of Chemistry
Professor Debashis Chakraborty ( +91-44-2257-4223;   Polymerisation Catalysis)
Dr. R. Kothandaraman (+91-44-2257-4249 ;  Electrocatalysis)
Professor  G. Ranga Rao (+91-44-2257-4185;  Heterogeneous Catalysis)
Professor G. Sekar (+91-44-2257-4229;  Asymmetric Catalysis)
Department of Electrical Engineering
Professor R. Sarathi ( +91-44-2257-4223;  Nanometerials and Photocatalysis)

Chair Professors

Dr. S. Sivasanker (+91-44-2257-4238; )
Dr. Ramaswamy (+91-44-2257-4237; )


Research Associates

        1. Dr. Radhika, T (PDF in Taiwan; left the centre from 28th September 2007) cell Number: 98848-97013)
        2. Dr. Mahalakshmy (Fast Track Young Scientist of DST;left for job in college; Cell Phone Number: 94430-27784)
        3. Dr. B. Murugan, (Shell fellow left for PDF)(Cell Phone Number: 94430-77017)
        4. Dr. M. Jhansi Lakshmi Kishore, P & G fellow ;left(Cell Phone Number: )
        5. Dr. Joyce D’souza (Fast Track young scientist of DST; left for job in India) (Cell Phone Number: )
        6. Dr. B.Sabiah (Research Associate, left for PDF in Taiwan, Faculty in Pondicherry University ) (Cell Phone Number: )
        7. Dr. P.Sangeetha (Research Associate, left for PDF in Taiwan, faculty in VIT ) (Cell Phone Number: )
        8. Dr. K. Joseph Antony Raj, (Shell fellow, left) (Cell Phone Number:9444612973)
        9. Dr. George P P (NCCR fellow, left for job in india) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        10. Dr. Anuradha S (Indo-Australian project fellow, left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        11. Dr. Thirunavukarasu, (NCCR fellow) (Cell Phone Number: )
        12. Dr. Aulice Scibioh (NCCR fellow; CSIR Senior fellow; DST young scientist, Previously in KIST presently at USA Rejoined as research associate)( Cell Phone Number: )
        13. Dr. Parimala (IIT fellow,left); ( Cell Phone Number: )
        14. Dr. Naresh Dhachapally (Granules India fellow,left)( Cell Phone Number: )
        15. Dr. Ramakanth Sahu, (SHELL PDF in NCCR from April, 2012, Left) cell Number: )

Research Scholars

        1. Dr. Aulice Scibioh.M ( previously at KIST South Korea and USA presently in Germany)
        2. Dr.Chidabaram.V (presently at IOCL,previously PDF in Korea)
        3. Dr. Maiyalagan.T (since left NCCR;previously at VIT presently PDF in USA)
        4. Dr.Sankaran.M ( previously at the University of Nevada, Reno – 89557; presently in USA)
        5. Dr. Sathish.M ( since left NCCR; PDF Japan; now in CECRI, Karaikudi)
        6. Dr. Srimurugan.S ( since left NCCR)
        7. Dr. Suresh.P ( since left NCCR)
        8. Chandravathanam.S (Presently a faculty in a college IN TAMILNADU; Now In SRM University)(Cell phone number: 98844 87736)
        9. Helen.M (Presently in Germany)
        10. Hima Kumar ( since left NCCR,presently in PDF in USA )
        11. Indra Neel.Pulidindi ( PDF in Israel Cell phone number: 98400 37581)
        12. Janet.C.M (since left NCCR,Now in Middle East after PDF in USA)
        13. Kuppan.B ( Left, Cell Phone: 98846-94464)
        14. Magesh.G (left NCCR PDF in Korea, now JNCAR)
        15. Navaladian.S (NCCR Post doctoral fellow, left and PDF in USA )
        16. Rajeswari.J (since left NCCR,Presently in USA )
        17. Ramana Murthy. P( Cell phone number: 9884602134)
        18. Satyananda Kishore.P (since left NCCR,PDF in USA; Presently at the University of Nevada)
        19. Vamsi Krishna Research fellow (Cell Phone Number: )
        20. Venkateswara Rao. Chitturi (left for PDF in USA)
        21. Mr.C.Ganesh, JRF ( left)
        22. Mr.K. Suthagar, JRF (Cell Phone number: 98846 70287)
        23. Ms.G. Keerthika, IOCL fellow,left (Cell Phone number: )
        24. Mr.T.V.Rama Mohan, JRF (Cell Phone number: )
        25. Mr.R. Ulaganathan M Sc Project student ( left)
        26. Mr.Atanu Santra, M Sc Project student( left)
        27. R.Shanmugam Research Scholar, from Thigarajar college Madurai
        28. Ms. Esaki Ammal, M Sc student( Thiagarajar college, madurai left)
        29. Mr.K T. Vikesh, M Sc student(Thiagarajar college, madurai left)
        30. Ms. Alagarasi A, M Sc student(Anna University Chennai)Joined as research associate in the centre (left)
        31. Ms. Kaviya-research associate in the centre left
        32. Mr Sourav Khan-research associate in the centre (Cell Number 9790885887)
        33. Mr. P. Rajesh Kumar -research scholar (Cell number 9566170110)
        34. Ms.Anbu Anjugam – research Associate (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)
        35. Dr.Yuvaraj – research Associate (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)
        36. Mr. Anil Raj – research Associate (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)
        37. Mr.Vinayaga murthi – research Associate (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)
        38. Mr Ramesh – research Associate (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)
        39. Mr. Tamildurai- research Associate (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)
        40. Ms.Tamilmani – research Associate (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)
        41. Mr.N. Hari Prasad – CUSAT Research Fellow (Cell number xxxxx xxxxx)

Project Associates

        1. Banu.M (Cell Phone Number: 98844 52176; left the centre for PDF in south korea;now scientist in NCL)
        2. Sankaranarayanan.T.M ( Cell Phone Number: 98847 88126)(left)
        3. Ms. R.Sumathi (LEFT) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        4. Ms. Nithya (IOC Project, left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        5. Mr.Poli Raju Kalluru (IOC Project,left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        6. Mr. Ramana murthy (NMITLI Project, JRF,SRF,PDF) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        7. Mr. S.Seetha raman ( left for Ph D programme elsewhere) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        8. Mr. Rajasekaran M (LEFT) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        9. Mr. R.Jude (left,NCCR fellow)
        10. Mr. Manikandan (CPCL fellow,left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        11. Mr. Mahendran ( NMITLI fellow, NOW JRF ( Cell Phone Number: )
        12. Mr. Anil Kumar (P and G fellow, NOW JRF) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        13. Mr. Kumaravel R (left,GM fellow) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        14. Ms. A.Kiruba ( fellow)(left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        15. Mr. P.R.Venkatesan (fellow, left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        16. Mr. C.Bennet (IOC Visiting scientist, left for IOCL) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        17. Ms. Gomathi K (GM fellow,left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        18. Ms.Smitha V S (GM Fellow left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        19. Mr. Prakash M G (Shell Fellow, left) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        20. Mr. York Reed Smith (Visiting fellow from the university of Nevada, left)
        21. Mr. Pachamuthu (Visiting fellow Anna University Tindivanam) ( Cell Phone Number: )
        22. Ms.Premlatha (Visiting Fellow from Madras Christian college, Tambaram, Left) ( Cell Phone Number:9444663963 )
        23. Ms.A.Alagarasi, Research Associte (left)(Cell Phone number: )
        24. Ms.Dhivya (Visiting M Tech student from Kalasalingam University Anand Nagar, left
        25. Ms.G.Deepa (Visiting Fellow from Anna University, Chennai,left ( Cell Phone Number: )
        26. Mr.Ariharan, Research Associate, MNRE (Cell Phone number: )
        27. Ms.V.Jeyalakshmi, Research associate, HPCL (Cell Phone number: )
        28. Ms. R.Vijaya Shanthi,Research Associate, Nissan,left (Cell Phone number: )
        29. Mr.Vinothkumar, Research associate, SRF, left
        30. Ms.Sandya Research associate, SRF, Left
        31. Mr.I.Muthukrishnan, Research associate MNRE, left (Cell Phone number: )
        32. M. Swathi Project associate, Nissan,left ( Cell Phone Number: )(left)
        33. Lalitha S, Project associate,left ( Cell Phone Number: )(left)
        34. Saranya, Project associate, SHELL,NFCL ( Cell Phone Number: )
        35. Kirti Shitole, Project associate, SHELL ( Cell Phone Number: )
        36. Mr.V.Surya Kumar Ph D Scholar ( Cell Phone Number: )

Laboratory Assistant

      1. Ms.S.Indumathi ( left the centre)
      2. Ms.S.Rekka