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If you are an individual who is willing to get training, develop skills and serve community by willingly taking up responsibilities close to nature, then this is the program for you. This program will help you gain insights of Rural and Eco- tourism along with very high adventure quotient. Under this single program, you will get to work with farmers and villagers as well as top corporate professionals. Where else can you get such a beautiful blend of rural and urban India.

goat fram


The goats are left through the day in their play areas which are specially designed adjacent to their rest homes.

Strong herd instincts of sheep make them excellent ranch animals as they keep together in tight and easily managed flocks and do not disperse widely all over the vacant land, which would make it difficult to safeguard them from predators and difficult to round up. Excellent ability to survive over a prolonged period of drought and semi-starvation Sheep have the ability to produce prime carcasses on roughage alone, thus they are well adapted to many areas unable to produce grain profitably.