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The Farmhouse

Farming is the act or process of working the ground, planting seeds, and growing edible plants. You can also describe raising animals for milk or meat as farming.

The Farmhouse Our beliefs are rooted in reviving old traditions of farming and associated practices. We wish to make the land of the Gods the heaven it was. We work towards letting the people of the hills stay and take up occupations that are gradually becoming redundant. Our desire is to promote development alongside ecologically responsible means.

The Green People has partnered with locales across the state and managing them to create basic lifestyle experiences for visitors.

An oasis of relaxation


Organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.


Goat farming can be a profitable occupation for a farmer and can fit well into mixed farming. Goats have very few demands of housing and management. They hardly need separate housing and happily share their homes with their owners or his other livestock Based on the environment.


Each area of the farm is systematically arranged for an easy access of its facility. The divisions of areas are as per the requirement of the goats to keep them comfortable.

We live and breathe The Farmhouse - it's a privilege to draw on such spectacularly beautiful resources

Goat Farming business

We provide crystal-clear consultancy, detailed training & End to end solutions for starting a goat & sheep farming business starting from consultation till farm developments.

  • Breed
  • Feeding
  • Infrastructure
  • Grooming
  • Medication


Situated in this beautiful area the Farmhouse offers guests magnificent views of
expansive lochs, rugged mountains and spectacular sunsets.


Farhouse, della Befana, 5,
53100 Siena SI

Tel.: +39 555 5556
Mob. +39 +39 555 5557